Advice and Tips

Advice and Tips

Cash or Small Money
Please kindly provide yourself with cash or small money in case you want to purchase some goods. Because in traditional market, shops, small restaurants or tourist places in Bali don’t use any credit card machine yet. If you want to have cash, in some tourist places or city area you can find ATM very easy with different limit withdraw. For Bank here in Bali normally just open 08.00-14.00 Monday to Friday. Also for donation and entrance ticket, they are expecting you to use small money just because sometime they don’t have any small change.

Money Changer
Please kindly always change your money in authorized money changer. Because some small shop or restaurant they don’t receive any other currency other than Indonesian Rupiah. Please be aware if you want to change your money in unauthorized money changer because they will ask you for some commission or other dirty trick.

Mineral Water
Please kindly always provide yourself with mineral water and drink enough water during your trip to avoid you get dehydrated easily. Always select water in the bottle where you can get almost in every place like shop, in mini market or in the hotel. Also, is not recommended to drink water from the tap in some Hotel/ accommodation. In some hotel probably possible if they have filtered the water very well. For more information you can check to your hotel reception.

Drugs and Prostituted
Please don’t bring or use any kind of drugs in Bali. Dead penalty is waiting for those people are bring, having and use any kind of drugs. Please also don’t do any prostitution in Bali to avoid any health problem with you/ HIV AIDS.

Ride Scooter, Motorcycle or Drive a Car
For Safety Reason, please don’t ride or drive or even try to ride/ drive scooter, motorcycle/ car if you don’t know how to do it. Or even if you know how to do it but you don’t have any International license, please don’t do that. Bali’s traffic is a little bit different compare to other country as we have so many scooter/ motorcycle. And also because of our traffic/ tourist police are really strict about it and some tourists got accident when they ride or drive a car. Many of them also get killed.